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Women Fight Back

Dear Gabriel,

In this country, discrimination against women can take subtle forms: “glass ceilings” at work or “second shifts” at home. But in some countries where FINCA works, women often face worse-than-invisible barriers.

When women proudly announce their intentions to help lift their families out of poverty by becoming self-employed FINCA clients, they may be mocked and their hopes ridiculed.

FINCA calls out these attitudes for what they are: nonsense holding back entire societies. But we can’t do this alone; we rely on your support. Add your voice today: become a Voice of Hope by supporting FINCA’s mission to empower women across the developing world.

Please act today, because members of FINCA’s Board of Directors have generously offered to match all gifts up to a total of $165,000. Your gift today or before November 25th will go twice as far!

With FINCA loans, hundreds of thousands of courageous women are shattering limits imposed on them:

Denied access to financial services – no longer. FINCA loans provide hope and opportunity to women determined to build their businesses, provide a better life for their families, and repay their loans – as nearly all do.

Limits to the respect women deserve – not any more. Many FINCA clients report newfound mutual respect in their marriages as their businesses contribute income to their households.

Limited sense of self-worth – eclipsed! Self-confidence burns brightly in successful microentrepreneurs – thanks to FINCA supporters like you.

Rosena Lafleur is a Voice of Hope

Born in Haiti into a life of poverty and forced out of school at age 10, illiterate and without any reason to be hopeful, today Rosena says, “I think that my business will increase rapidly and it will be easier for me to reach my goals. I say thank you to FINCA!” How has she turned her life around? With hard work, determination, with hope – and with the help of FINCA supporters like you.

Today, you have the easy part: Support FINCA and together we will prove to women across the developing world that there is hope, that they can work their way out of extreme poverty.

Remember, with just a $200 FINCA loan, Rosena was able to expand her business and increase her earnings. You can help the next Rosena to start her own thriving business with just one gift today. It’s that simple.

Please make a stand for the empowerment of women today. Make your voice a Voice of Hope – and let’s shatter the second class status and rights too many women are forced to contend with.

Thank you,

Soledad Gompf
Vice President,
New Business Development


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