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This Way Out

This Way Out

If you’ve never read anything by Bob Fenster, take a few moments from your precious life and waste it on his delightfully funny, non-politically correct, upside down sense of the world and his run-ins with the famously infamous famous and those seeking fame (intentionally or not).

His latest book is a novel called This Way Out: A novel of fame, original sins and the Beverly Hills Discretion Squad. It is very very good. I haven’t read it yet, but it surely couldn’t be anything less entertaining then his previous work, so I know beyond a doubtful shadow that This Way Out is worth every minute you allow your attention to focus on Bob’s latest invention.

As a reviewer for the New York Journal of Books, I can tell you that the recommendation I just provided (without having ever laid eyes on the book) is just as valid and helpful as most you’ll see on Amazon or in the New York or Los Angeles Times.

In addition to This Way Out, you may be familiar with some of Bob’s other books, which include:

They Did What? Things Famous People Have Done
Duh! The Stupid History Of The Human Race
Twisted: Tales from the Wacky Side of Life
Well, Duh!: Our Stupid World, and Welcome to It
Laugh Off: The Comedy Showdown Between Real Life and the Pros
Last Page
Open the Clown Car
Open the Gates

You can see all of his books and a hilarious bio, at


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