Here, There and Everywhere

Dear Gabriel,

For millions of the world’s poorest, struggling to survive on just a few dollars a day, FINCA is a shining light of hope—a chance to work their way out of poverty.

For 27 years, FINCA has been providing a hand up, not a handout, to the world’s lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs, build assets and improve their standard of living. By putting small loans directly into the hands of the working poor, FINCA helps people help themselves.

Yet as wonderful as it is that FINCA has made more loans this year than ever, the need for microlending services just keeps growing.

As a committed FINCA supporter, I am asking you to help us continue to provide these vital loans. Give today and your contribution will be matched – three times over!

FINCA expand its outreach to extremely poor people in some of the most desperate places on Earth. I hope you will be as generous as you can, because your gift will be quadrupled with matching funds.

FINCA’s loan clients are so resourceful. It’s amazing to see how hard these women work and what a huge difference a small loan from FINCA can make for them. Once they pay off their loans, the first thing they do is educate and feed their kids. Their determination inspires me to take action.

Please join me by taking an action of your own; please make a gift today that will go 4 times further than normal.

The deadline for these matching funds is November 30th, please don’t let them go to waste!

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season,

Thank you for your support!

Natalie Portman
FINCA Ambassador of Hope


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