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The Pink Flamingo


The Pink Flamingo

From Great American Smoothies: The Ultimate Blending Guide for Shakes, Slushes, Desserts, & Thirst Quenchers
by Gabriel Constans
(One of the first books of smoothies published in North America. Avery Publishing, 1997)

Take a drink of this smoothie and try to not think about pink flamingos. Impossible, you say? Perhaps, but not as difficult as avoiding the image of a pink elephant.

Yield: 4 cups

1 cup raspberry juice

4 tablespoons frozen orange juice

1 cup filtered water

3 small bananas

2 tablespoons plain soy yogurt

1/4 cup firm tofu

10 fresh strawberries

1 cup peeled and chopped cantaloupe

1. Place all ingredients in a blender, and mix on medium speed for 40 seconds.

2. Pour into tall glasses (without thinking of a pink flamingo) and serve.


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