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Rugby Men Return to Rwanda

The Rugby Men Return to the Rwandan Orphan’s Project

There are two groups the boys especially look forward to seeing each year: the “cricket men” and the “rugby men” (as the kids call them). The rugby men are the volunteers of the organization Friends of Rwandan Rugby, a UK-based charity whose mission is to promote rugby in Rwanda. They come to Rwanda every year and they always make time to visit us. As well as spending time with the boys, they also often bring bags full of clothes and other donations that save us a lot of money. And this year they went a step further.


Last week we received a phone call from their local representative who said the guys would be visiting on Saturday, and that they also wanted to give the boys a nice dinner with meat and rice (both big treats for our kids). So on Saturday they arrived with sacks of rice and kilos of goat which the ROP’s chefs began to cook up. After a very fun (but tiring) rugby match everyone went to the dining hall and attempted to consume the massive plates of food the cooks had produced.

he plates were so big it became a competition to see who would complete the feat of finishing their plate first. Somehow one of our boys finished his before any of the big rugby guys, and the boys erupted in applause in proud support of their friend.

We’re really grateful to the guys from Friends of Rwandan Rugby for being such great supporters and friends of the ROP. You guys are always so generous and our boys love hanging out with you, and we look forward to your visit each year.

Thanks again from all of us at the Rwandan Orphans Project!

See complete story and more photos at ROP Stories.

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