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Engaging and Unexpected

The wonderful storyteller, Donna Baier Stein, saying such nice things about The Last Conception.

The Last Conception is an engaging and unexpected tale of a young American woman whose choices about partnership and parenting have significant implications for her East Indian parents. According to them, it is Savarna’s destiny to have a child, to continue the lineage of an ancient spiritual teacher. The novella is well written and fast-paced and evokes important inquires into spirituality and the true meaning of birth.
Donna Baier Stein – author of the novel Fortune and award-winning short stories, including The Yogi and the Peacock, El Nino, The Jewel Box, Coming Clean and Lambada.

The story:

The Last Conception is the story of a passionate embryologist (Savarna Sikand), her decision to have a child with her girlfriend (Charlemagne-Charley), and Savarna’s conservative parents (originally from India), who tell her that she is the last in line of a great spiritual teacher and she MUST have a baby, to carry on the bloodline (which has been kept secret for thousands of years). In the process of trying to conceive, Savarna and Charley question the necessity of biology, lineage, and tradition, and the need to be completely honest with those they love.

Available at: Melange Books and Amazon.


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