Here, There and Everywhere

An Inspired Mix

Words about The Last Conception from author, and friend, Janice Strubbe Wittenberg.

JanicePhoto-1Along with witnessing the blossoming relationship of Savarna and Charlemagne, the author explores assimilation-related challenges that beset a first generation East Indian family, an exploration of infertility, the technological advances of in vitro fertilization and a tantalizing spiritual twist regarding the Keepers of the Seed. The seamless juxtaposition of the novel’s topics makes for an inspired mix. Constans, a multi-talented writer, has penned an engaging and joyous read.
Janice Strubbe Wittenberg, author of The Worship of Walker Judson.

The story:

Passionate embryologist, Savarna Sikand, is in a complicated relationship, with two different women, when she is told that she MUST have a baby. Her conservative East Indian American parents are desperate for her to conceive, in spite of her “not being married”. They insist that she is the last in line of a great spiritual lineage. In the process of choosing her lover and having doubts about her ability, or desire to conceive, Savarna begins to question the necessity of biology and lineage within her parents’ beliefs and becomes forever fascinated with the process of conception and the definition of family. Threads of Dan Brown (DaVinci Code), Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (Sister of My Heart) and the film The Kids Are All Right, are tied together in this colorful tale of awakening, romance and mystery.

Available at: Melange Books and Amazon.


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