Here, There and Everywhere

Unbelievably Believable

decemberroadDecember Road (Seasons of Love and War Book 2) by
Brenda Ashworth Barry

Review by Gabriel Constans

December Road is an unbelievably believable romance. It is unbelievable to think of childhood sweethearts staying together as a loving adult couple, and believable to witness the jealousy, doubts, fears, support and love that passes between them.

This love story revolves around Beth Ann and Kaylob, after Kaylob returns from being held captive for two years in Vietnam, and everyone believed he was dead, and Beth Ann going to care for him in the VA hospital, though she is now engaged to another man, Blake. While Kaylob works through his PTSD, Beth Ann works on convincing Blake that there relationship is over, and that Kaylob is, and always was, her true love.

One of the things that is so likable about the characters is that they are every day people. They speak, act, and react, like readers’ friends, families and relatives. They get hurt, cry, laugh, outraged, jealous, loving, forgiving, and confused. The biggest issue between the couple is trust. Kaylob needs to trust that Beth Ann loves him only, and always has, and Beth Ann learns to trust Kaylob and take him at his word, when he says there is nobody else who has his heart, or his body.

The other touching aspects of this romance are Beth Ann and Kaylob’s family and friends (Jackie, Lillian, Carol, Frankie, John, James, Harold, and Gran). Beth Ann’s grandmother, Gran, has a special place in the story, and what Beth Ann and Kaylob do for her and her long lost love, Nicholas, will have you in tears.

If the other books in this series (Seasons of Love and War) are as good as December’s Road, it would be worth getting the entire set. An unbelievably believable romance that pulls at the heart, and has you wanting to invite Beth Ann, Kaylob, and their clan to your house for dinner.

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