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Gabriel Constans has 13 books published in North America and has written for magazines, newspapers, websites and journals in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia. He works as a freelance journalist, editor and writer. Dr. Constans also provides counseling for trauma survivor’s and those who have experienced death, loss and/or human rights abuses. He is an advisor to the Rwandan Orphan’s Project and is a board member for the Ihangane Project (in Rwanda).

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  1. Dave McDermott said:

    Dear Gabriel,
    Just discovered your book on Arnie Leff. Arnie was my doc in Santa Cruz for years. He treated me with great skill and compassion, and I largely credit him with keeping me alive during a touch and go period for me. If you are still in contact with Arnie please pass on my good wishes and my email if he’d care for it. Look forward to reading your book.
    Dave McDermott

  2. […] Gabriel Constans of Constans & Blumeneau sent me a PDF copy for review and I am so happy that he did.  He has sent along several other […]

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