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Stop Execution of Rape Victim

Gabriel –

Terry Williams is facing the death penalty in three weeks for killing the man who repeatedly raped him.

But when Terry was convicted, the jury didn’t know the whole story. At the time of his trial, jurors say they had no history or background of the sexual assault and abuse that Terry Williams had suffered for years.

Terry was brutally raped for five years, beginning when he was thirteen, by an older man he trusted — Amos Norwood. When the jury learned his information after the trial, five jurors came forward to say that they no longer supported his death sentence. Even Norwood’s widow has forgiven him, and does not want Terry to be executed.

Sign the petition on asking Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania to stop Terry’s execution scheduled on October 3 — click here to add your name.

“When I heard about Terry Williams’ life and his legal case, I knew I had to do what I could to stop the scheduled execution of a man who should not be on death row and would not be on death row had the jury heard all the relevant evidence,” said Sue Osthoff, Director of the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women, a Philadelphia-based organization that assists victims of abuse and trauma who have been charged with crimes related to their abuse.

Like many of the victims of abuse Sue assists, Terry was repeatedly victimized. For Terry, that abuse by older males in his life started when he was only six years old. Despite continuing to suffer sexual abuse for the next twelve years, Terry received no counseling or support to help him deal with the repeated violence he endured. In fact, some of the people who were supposed to help were the ones who actually preyed on him.

None of this information was presented to the jurors during Terry’s sentencing; had it been, Terry would not be on death row.

The public outcry for Terry’s clemency is growing. A broad coalition of people has joined the jurors and victim’s widow in asking that Terry’s sentence be commuted from death to life. Those calling for Terry’s life to be spared include a growing list of child advocates, victims’ rights advocates, former prosecutors and judges, law professors, mental health professionals, and faith leaders across Pennsylvania.

Sue Osthoff is very familiar with stories like Terry’s. She started this petition because she believes that if the jury had all of the evidence, they would not have sentenced Terry to death.

Join Sue in calling on Governor Corbett to spare Terry Williams’ life for killing the man who raped him.

Thanks for being a change-maker,

– Emilia and the team

Write To Save A Life

Dear Gabriel,

Black man. White murder victims. No physical evidence. Sentenced to death despite massive doubts. Sound familiar?

This is Reggie Clemons. Like Troy Davis before him, Reggie has been in prison for 20 years, waiting for his home state to end his life.

From the investigation to the trial to the appeals process, issues of unfairness plague Reggie’s case. Two young women tragically lost their lives, but we cannot be sure that Reggie was responsible for their deaths. He has been sentenced to death for a crime he may not have committed.

Amnesty is fighting for clemency for Reggie, just as we did for Troy, and today our movement is swelling.

Rally for Reggie during Amnesty International’s Write for Rights Global Write-a-thon. Don’t wait – this event begins on Saturday, Dec. 3, less than a week from now.

Yes, I’ll pledge to write a letter for Reggie and for other urgent cases! Sign me up – and count my letters toward your 250,000 letter goal.

During Write for Rights we’re shining a light on 15 priority cases, including Reggie’s. Each one of these cases represents an individual or group suffering human rights abuses. Several are at imminent risk of death or terrible mistreatment.

Reggie himself faces a hearing early next year that could mean the difference between life and death. Your letters may help push Missouri authorities to make the right decision to spare Reggie’s life.

Our Write for Rights campaign has saved lives before by generating floods of letters that governments can’t ignore.

We cannot be silent when injustice is all around us. Reggie and other Write for Rights cases – from Shin Sook-ja and other women, men, and children held in North Korea’s notorious Yodok political prison camp, to the residents facing imminent eviction from their homes in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, to China’s imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo – need you to raise your voice.

Pledge to write letters of hope on your own, or host an event at your home, church, school, library or community center. More letters mean more impact, and every single letter counts.

Will you write a letter to save a life? Sign up now to Write for Rights!

In solidarity,

Michael O’Reilly
Senior Director, Individuals at Risk Campaign
Amnesty International USA

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