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A Savory Literary Masala

Another wonderful quote about The Last Conception from the extraordinary Bliss Mistress and author, Edie Weinstein.

“The Last Conception” is a bhakti-fest of love and loss, hope and courage that comes in unexpected packages. Take a peek into the lives of an Indian-American family faced with an unusual demand of their medical professional unmarried daughter whose job and personal life intersect in unanticipated ways. Although happy endings are never guaranteed, it seems that one is in the offing for this savory literary masala.
Edie Weinstein, author of The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary.

If you are unfamiliar with the story, here’s a brief description.

LastConception-CoverA successful embryologist (Savarna Sikand) must make difficult and life-changing choices. Should she continue devoting her soul to work and party with her girlfriend Magdalena or settle down with Charlemagne (Charley) and have children? If she decides to have children, how and when will they start the process and what will it take to convince her conservative East Indian mother to stop trying to marry her off to a “good man”? If that isn’t enough pressure, throw in the bomb her parents plant when they tell her she MUST have a baby because she is the last in line of a great spiritual teacher who reportedly never had children!

Available at: Melange Books and Amazon.

Slow Down and Remember

LastConception-CoverWhat a wonderful gift, to have such a splendid quote about The Last Conception from Santa Cruz author extraordinaire, Clifford.

The Last Conception is a delightful read! It depicts a family muddling its way through a mire of personal, cultural, and generational differences, and reminds us all to slow down and remember – what else – love. Besides, what good are agendas when the dance of life is out of our control?     
Clifford Henderson, author of acclaimed Rest Home Runaways, The Middle of Somewhere, Spanking New and Mae’s Request.

For those not familiar with the story, here’s one description.

If teacher’s Pema Chödrön and Byron Katie, author Kiran Desai, filmmaker Mira Nair, and the producers of The Kids Are All Right, were locked in a room together for a weekend, this is the tale they could tell. The Last Conception is the story of a passionate embryologist (Savarna Sikand) who lives in Silicon Valley, her decision to “try” to have a child with her girlfriend (Charlemagne-Charley) and Savarna’s religious parents (originally from India), who tell her that she is the last in line of a great spiritual teacher and she MUST have a baby to carry on the bloodline, which has been kept a secret for thousands of years. In the process of trying to conceive, Savarna and Charley begin to question the necessity of biology, lineage and what makes a family and living spiritually come to life. 

Available at: Melange Books and Amazon.

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