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Voices of Hope

From FINCA Voices of Hope

Maria Trinidad Rodriguez

Maria lives with her husband and six children in a leaky shack made of corrugated tin in a village in El Salvador. Maria rises early each day to grind corn and make tortillas, which she sells in the market.

After Maria joined FINCA’S Buen Pastor (“Good Shepherd”) Village Banking group, she used her first loans of $175 to buy corn in bulk, enabling her to increase her profits on the sale of her tortillas. As a result, Maria has been able to provide her children with better, more nutritious food and keep them in school.

Maria’s note (dictated to one of her daughters) reads: “I thank God and FINCA for the loans I have been granted. I am improving my businesses and ensuring that my children can get ahead by going to school. I can neither read nor write, so I want them to learn.”

In honor of this campaign, any gift you make today of $100 or more will be DOUBLED! This is an extraordinary offer from FINCA’s Board of Directors. Maria’s first FINCA loan of just $175, which she used to buy corn in bulk to make her tortillas, literally changed her life. She is determined to inspire others along the same path from poverty to prosperity.


Soledad Gompf
Vice President, FINCA

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