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ROP Library in Rwanda

Excerpt from Amakuru: News from the Rwandan Orphans Project.

The New ROP Library and Playroom

Thanks to a number of recent donations the ROP has been able to open its very own fun room and library. The new room is stocked with toys, games, dressing up clothes, art materials and books, and is decorated with maps, posters and the boys’ own drawings.

Now the boys who live at the ROP, who previously didn’t have much to do with their spare time apart from play football or cards, are able to make use of the fun room each week. They have been divided into five groups and each group gets a least one long session in the room each week.

The ROP was able to open this new room thanks to some very generous donations from visitors, and also from two families who lived in Kigali, who very kindly gave us old toys and books which belonged to their children. Thanks to these kind gifts, the children of the ROP are now able to enjoy playing, learning and reading like children their ages across the world do.

The boys love their new room and we are very grateful to everyone who donated towards it.

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