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Orphanage Kitchen Complete!

A new and much needed kitchen at ROP Center for Street Children in Rwanda was just completed.

Last week the ribbon was cut and ROP’s much needed new kitchen was officially opened for use. The construction was funded by Line Loen and her Metamorfose organization. Line visited the Center earlier this year and upon seeing the old kitchen, with its smoke damage, inefficient open fires and crumbling walls, decided to sponsor a new, safer and more efficient facility. She partnered with Manna Energy, based in Colorado, who funded and constructed the large “rocket stove” that is used to cook the large amount of beans and corn meal the boys consume every day. Metamorfose contributed funding for the bulk of the project, including sinks for washing food and hands before eating and three smaller stoves for cooking vegetables and other food.

Line, a very strong sponsor of the ROP, wanted to construct the new kitchen to promote cleaner cooking, better hygiene, better health conditions for the cooks and to reduce our firewood costs. Emmanual Habimana, one of the Center’s cooks, shared his happiness with the new kitchen. “We can cook more food, and cook it faster. Mostly, though, we can see what we’re doing and we can breath, thanks to the smokeless stoves and ventilation.”

Feed One Another

Soil for the garden. Soil for the soul.
Fertilizer and dirt, filling the boxes bowl.

Digging deep into the earth with aching hands,
bringing peace, with results which will be unplanned.

Pulling back the drip irrigation hoses,
to get to the weeds and part the earth like Moses.

It’s looking good, rich and dark, like the great Mother.
Enriching nutrients to feed one another.

Now comes the seeds, springing forth with ecstasy,
filling our hearts and minds with evergreen fertility.

Arise, spread and flourish,
plants filled with life which forever nourish.

Soil for the garden.
Soil for the soul.
So rich and beautiful, I have to let it go.

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