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Paola Cuentas from Peru

Paola Cuentas from Peru
Artisan Spotlight of the Week
From Greater Good

Paola Cuentas says,’after finishing school, my first job was in a small workshop that knitted alpaca sweaters. I was so impressed by the skills of the people who could knit, by the ability of the women who did the finishing touches, and I discovered a new focus for my career. I met an English designer who got me started in the different techniques for developing a design. The work that I do has become a personal project. My main motivation is that what began as only an idea has taken form and becomes more real every day. This excites me and impels me to move ahead.’

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Here is one of the items for sale by Paola. It is a Puno Ochre – Unique Alpaca Wool Poncho.


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