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Land for ROP!

Excerpt from Amakuru: News from the Rwandan Orphans Project.

Thanks to a generous donor, the ROP is now able to purchase our own land!

Thanks to two incredibly generous donors from Australia, the ROP will finally be able to buy its very own land!

For the first time in our history, the ROP will own land instead of renting it, thanks to Tony and Carol Roberts. We have identified a plot of land for sale very close to where we are currently based and have started the long process of putting it in the ROP’s name.

It is a large piece of land on a sloping hill, with a road on one side, and a river on the other.

Tony and Carol visited the ROP in July. They were part of a larger group of Australians who were visiting Rwanda to see the gorillas and were interested in the ROP because of our quilting project.

Tony and Carol were moved by the work being done at the ROP and left the Center wanting to help the program. They knew of our dream of someday owning our own land where we could construct a new and improved ROP Center and how our financial difficulties prevented that dream from coming true.

Back in Australia they put together the money needed for buying a tract of land that the ROP has had its eye on for several months. This land is very near the current Center which will make the transition easier and cheaper. We hope through fundraising and joining forces with some other foundations, that we will be able to raise the money for the construction work, and that we will be able to open the brand new ROP centre before too long.

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