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Saudi Arabian Women

Dear Gabriel,

Sarah Attar made history this morning when she ran in the 800 meter race for Saudi Arabia. It took extraordinary international pressure, but Saudi Arabia finally sent two women athletes to compete in the Olympics for the first time.

Yes — Saudi women can now go for the gold. But they are still denied basic rights like driving a car, enrolling into university, or boarding a flight out of the country without approval from a male guardian.

Amnesty International is focusing our attention on supporting the Saudi women who are working to remove the barriers to women driving in Saudi Arabia — an important first step in the ongoing fight to end the severe discrimination and harsh restrictions the Kingdom places on women.

Please support our efforts. Make a donation in honor of women human rights defenders everywhere.

As Saudi Arabia receives worldwide attention for sending women athletes to the Olympics, Amnesty is mobilizing our global movement to support Saudi women’s groups like Women2Drive that are pressuring King Abdullah to lift the ban on women driving.

We can win this fight. Signs, like King Abdullah’s promise to allow women to vote in the 2015 election, are growing proof that Saudi women activists are changing the tides.

With your support we can leverage this important moment on the world stage. If Saudi Arabia’s leaders truly want to “go for gold” this summer, they should allow women to drive and lift all restrictions on their rights and freedoms.


Cristina M. Finch
Policy and Advocacy Director, Women’s Human Rights
Amnesty International USA

Proud to be an Egyptian

One of the largest non-violent revolutions in history, in the most populist state in the Arab world and the biggest country in Africa, is transpiring before our eyes! The people of Egypt have provided an example of determination, unity, honor and courage that has opened the eyes of the world to what is possible and what must be.

Following in the footsteps of Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatmas Gandhi, the fall of the Berlin Wall, People Power in the Philippines, the revolution in Romania, the revolts in the Czech Republic and thousands in Iran and Tunisia, the Egyptian people (from all walks of life, backgrounds, religious orientations and economic circumstances) have lit a path for freedom that can not and should not ever be taken for granted or dismissed.

The coming days, weeks, months and years will provide an opportunity for the army of Egypt (which is supposed to be a force for THE PEOPLE) to stay true to their word and be a stabilizing influence for real democratic change and the installation of democratic institutions. If they don’t, there is no doubt that Egyptians will arise in mass once more (despite the cost) and demand their hard fought for revolution be implemented and respected.

Many Egyptians are once again saying they are proud to be Egyptian. In fact, what they have done makes us all proud to be human. Now is the time to support the people of Egypt and similar democratic movements throughout the world, with our actions and not just give lip service as we (our government) has done in the past.

This will be the beginning of a worldwide change that will see authoritarian dictatorships around the globe either make drastic changes in how they treat their citizens or see similar mass civil disobedience and change regardless of their personal wishes for power or control. Countries such as Iran, Myanmar, Laos, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, Mozambique and China may see Egypt as a wake up call. Let us hope they wake up to allow peaceful democratic freedom and rights for their people and not to clamp down and impose further restrictions, violence and tyranny.

Thank you Egypt. You are one of the cradles of civilization. Perhaps you have now become the cradle of a new world order of peace, prosperity and freedom for all.

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