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Let’s Change 20,000 To 0

Dear Gabriel,

20,000. That’s how many children younger than five years old die every day around the world.

I have witnessed this tragedy firsthand, so I’m making a personal plea to you. Most of these children are dying needlessly from preventable causes: malnutrition, measles, malaria — we must do more to help all children survive and thrive.

To respond to this crisis, CARE has set a goal to raise $1 million to fund our hunger- and poverty-fighting programs around the world. And we need your help.

The deadline to meet our goal is June 30 — in just a few days. Time is limited, so I am counting on generous CARE supporters like you to respond immediately. As a special incentive, CARE’s board of directors will match up to $100,000, helping your gift go twice as far.

I have seen desperation with my own eyes — in the heartache of a mother who has just lost her child and in the anguish of a father who desperately wants to lift his family out of poverty but has no means to do so. Today, in Niger, 1 million children face severe malnutrition. These heartbreaking stories can be prevented — with your help.

We know that CARE programs make a true, lasting difference in people’s lives, especially during times of crisis. Right now, a severe food crisis is gripping the Sahel region of Africa, putting 18 million people at risk of malnutrition. CARE is on the ground in Niger, Mali and Chad implementing work programs so families earn money to buy food, training nurses to prevent and treat malnutrition, helping communities gain access to clean water and much more.

Your donation will help empower families in the Sahel and other poor communities around the world to become self-sufficient so they can escape hunger, help their children grow stronger and healthier, and create a brighter future for all.

I appreciate your generosity and compassion in helping CARE save lives and fight poverty across the globe. Thank you for helping us meet our goal to raise $1 million by June 30.


Helene D. Gayle, MD, MPH
President and CEO, CARE

1,000 Women A Day

From AFP at Yahoo News

1,000 women a day die in childbirth, says MSF

About 1,000 women die each day in childbirth or from preventable complications related to pregnancy, humanitarian group Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) said Thursday.

“Worldwide, at any time, 15 percent of pregnancies incur the risk of a potential fatal complication,” said Kara Blackburn, responsible for women’s health at MSF in a statement to mark International Women’s Day.

“Women must have access to quality obstetric care, whether they live in Sydney, Port-au-Prince or Mogadishu,” said Blackburn.

She said that access should be the same whether at a modern hospital in a major city, in a conflict zone, a refugee camp or in a shelter after an earthquake.

A report entitled “Maternal mortality: a preventable crisis”, published in Geneva, shows how MSF emergency obstetric care provided in humanitarian crisis situations can save lives.

The organization believes the solution lies in implementing programmes, especially regarding obstetric complications, the training of specialised personnel and access to appropriate medical equipment.

MSF provides obstetric care in nearly 30 countries.

Death Threats In Guatemala

From Oxfam – 9/2/11

Dear Gabriel,

Oxfam partners in Guatemala have recently received death threats – and we need your voice, now, to ensure that these threats don’t come to fruition.

As an Oxfam supporter, you already know that the work we do affects people’s lives daily – but the work is often dangerous, and sometimes when our partners speak up in defense of poor communities, they are putting their lives on the line.

Two of Oxfam’s outspoken partners at CALAS (Centre for Environmental, Social and Legal Action) who work daily on mining and oil issues, received death threats three days ago – and we need to get the public eye on this case immediately, so that they have a level of protection.

Please send a message to the President of Guatemala – we must do everything we can, NOW, to protect our Oxfam partners.

Violence and tensions in Guatemala have intensified in the run-up to the country’s presidential elections on September 11. Our partners at CALAS have been working to protect the rights of indigenous peoples and to expose corruption in a natural gas project.

The Executive Director of CALAS, Yuri Melini, was seriously wounded in 2008 during an assassination attempt.

Large-scale mining operations have been the source of protest, violence, and human rights violations since the early 2000s. Oxfam partner CALAS has sought to promote informed debate about the costs and benefits of oil and mining in the country and to promote greater respect for the rights of indigenous communities – and now they are under threat for their stand.

Get these threats in the public eye and protect Yuri Melini and Rafael Maldonado.

Here at Oxfam, we are in awe of the strong and steadfast stand taken by these human rights activists – but now, more than ever, they need our support. “I won’t be intimidated by these threats,” Melini said in a statement. “I will continue the struggle to defend human rights and protect Guatemala’s environment.”

Please don’t let their work be in vain.

Tell the President of Guatemala, we will not stand by while our partners are threatened.

We can save lives. Please don’t stay silent.

Judy Beals, Campaigns Director
Oxfam America

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