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California and Death Row

Dear Gabriel,

I saw Troy Davis today in California.

Come to think about it — he was there when Oregon’s governor refused to allow another execution to take place on his watch. And I’m positive that Troy was in Connecticut this past spring — on the day its legislature made it the 17th state to do away with the death penalty.

The state of Georgia may have executed Troy Davis one year ago today, but I continue to see so much of Troy’s legacy reflected in our fight to end the death penalty worldwide.

Now it’s California’s turn. This November, we have an historic opportunity to pass a ballot initiative on the death penalty. Amnesty International has been a proud supporter of the campaign that has been heating up here. Our student and community activists have been busy gathering support for Prop 34, organizing events and activities to educate their communities about the sad reality of California’s flawed system and the chance we have to change things.

Pledge to vote YES on Prop 34 — replacing California’s death penalty with life without parole!

California could join the growing number of states turning their backs on the flawed death penalty system. Proposition 34 is a ballot initiative that will not only save the state $130 million a year, but it eliminates the risk of executing an innocent person forever!

Another Troy Davis could live right here. In fact, some say he already does. A man named Thomas Thompson was executed in 1998 amid serious doubts about his guilt. And five men sentenced to death under current California law were later cleared of the murder charges that put them on death row.1

We believe the death penalty is never the right answer. And as long as the death penalty is on the books, then we will always risk executing the innocent.

Ending the death penalty in California this year would not only be a resounding victory for human rights in our state, but will make a deep impact on the rest of the country.

But first, we need your support. We need your pledge. We need your vote in November.

See you at the polls,

William Butkus
Field Organizer, Western Region
Amnesty International USA

Write To Save A Life

Dear Gabriel,

Black man. White murder victims. No physical evidence. Sentenced to death despite massive doubts. Sound familiar?

This is Reggie Clemons. Like Troy Davis before him, Reggie has been in prison for 20 years, waiting for his home state to end his life.

From the investigation to the trial to the appeals process, issues of unfairness plague Reggie’s case. Two young women tragically lost their lives, but we cannot be sure that Reggie was responsible for their deaths. He has been sentenced to death for a crime he may not have committed.

Amnesty is fighting for clemency for Reggie, just as we did for Troy, and today our movement is swelling.

Rally for Reggie during Amnesty International’s Write for Rights Global Write-a-thon. Don’t wait – this event begins on Saturday, Dec. 3, less than a week from now.

Yes, I’ll pledge to write a letter for Reggie and for other urgent cases! Sign me up – and count my letters toward your 250,000 letter goal.

During Write for Rights we’re shining a light on 15 priority cases, including Reggie’s. Each one of these cases represents an individual or group suffering human rights abuses. Several are at imminent risk of death or terrible mistreatment.

Reggie himself faces a hearing early next year that could mean the difference between life and death. Your letters may help push Missouri authorities to make the right decision to spare Reggie’s life.

Our Write for Rights campaign has saved lives before by generating floods of letters that governments can’t ignore.

We cannot be silent when injustice is all around us. Reggie and other Write for Rights cases – from Shin Sook-ja and other women, men, and children held in North Korea’s notorious Yodok political prison camp, to the residents facing imminent eviction from their homes in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, to China’s imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo – need you to raise your voice.

Pledge to write letters of hope on your own, or host an event at your home, church, school, library or community center. More letters mean more impact, and every single letter counts.

Will you write a letter to save a life? Sign up now to Write for Rights!

In solidarity,

Michael O’Reilly
Senior Director, Individuals at Risk Campaign
Amnesty International USA

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