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Youth Foundation in Rwanda

Fair Children Youth Foundation (FCYF)

Our foundation was created in 2003 to restore human rights and to rebuild lives and community in Rwanda. FCYF is a nationally registered non-profit organization based in Musanze, a beautiful area in north Rwanda that suffered excessively from consequences of civil war, genocide and disease, because of its exposed border location with DRC and Uganda. Since 2008, FCYF has created:

– a school for deaf children and youth

– a vocational training center and cooperative for teenage orphans, who have missed out on formal education through taking care of their younger siblings after parents died

– a kindergarten

– a primary school which has come top in examination results in its district since its first year of opening

FCYF also provides infrastructure advice and training for hundreds of widows in agricultural cooperatives and trade associations. The foundation leads community workshops in child and women’s rights, nutrition and health, and HIV/AIDS prevention. It facilitates health insurance for the most marginalized households and it has created a highly successful volunteer mentoring program for orphaned households.

Through these community based and led programs and projects, FCYF has opened the door for many hundreds of children, women and marginalized people in Musanze to access formal education, vocational training and income-generating opportunities. The foundation also welcomes international volunteers each year from many countries, in a spirit of fraternity and mutual desire to learn and grow global community together.

Your generous donation will enable our foundation to widen its reach throughout and beyond Musanze district. Even a few dollars given to one of FCYF’s programs can make a life changing difference to an orphan or widow struggling to raise a family alone. If you would like to support a particular program, please note this on your donation comment.

Back to School Rwanda

Excerpt from Amakuru! News from the Rwandan Orphans Project. Written by Sean Jones and Jenny Clover.

Back To School

Notebooks and pencils in hand, the children of the Rwandan Orphans Project began the 2011 school year in various schools around Rwanda.

Most of the children – those in primary school and attending the ROP’s education catch-up program, stay in the Center where our five teachers give their lessons in kinyarwanda and English. This year the ROP is also providing education for about 25 secondary school students, most of whom attend a nearby school while a handful of others attend various academies around Rwanda.

The 2010 school year was a large success for the ROP. Many of our secondary school students passed their National Exams with the honor of Distinction and High Distinction, making them eligible for government scholarships and entrance into well respected schools. Our catch-up program had the honor of having the only students in the Nyarugunga Sector who reached High Distinction in the Primary 6 National Exams. This achievement is due in no small part to the amazing work of our teachers, who not only have the laborious task of teaching dozens of students but also play the roles of mentor, parent and disciplinarian to our ex-street children. The wonderful results attained by of all of our students is a testimony to their recognition that education is their way to break free from the cycle of poverty and have a successful future for themselves.

Aside from academics, the ROP is also sponsoring vocational training for ten young adults from the Center. These are teenagers who fell too far behind in their education and have struggled academically. But they refuse to give up and are working hard in these programs so they can learn trades and skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Some of them are learning mechanics, others hotel management, and yet others have gone into carpentry and even forestry. These vocational programs, along with our support for those still in school, allow the ROP to follow through on the promise that we make to all of our children to support their education as long as they are willing to work hard themselves all the way to the end. We are not only raising children, but future citizens and potential leaders of Rwanda.

Donations can be made to the:
Rwandan Orphans Project
4671 Cass Street
San Diego, CA 92109
or online at Rwandan Orphans Project.

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